1939 Sunday 11:45 I've been inside all day - doing a lot of nothing heard Jane Cowl in Marie Stuart and the 5th Symphony of T. Read a book on clothes. Mary Anne was over for a while.
1940 Jan 23 Tues Typed my quizz questions today - wasted my evening, really. - Have yet to prepare for Bible exam tomorrow morning. - I grow increasingly stupid in my own estimation...
1941 11:30 (Dammit; wish it were 9 or even 10) - Well, hope you're satisfied, Dope... Henry is a fine, intellectual - very far-sighted fellow. He's amazing, really. I like him - But more objectively then the way I acted tonight Hope he does not call for a while at least!
1942 10:15 And I'm dead + going to bed Classes have dwindled from registration... Leonard was a sweet child today - It can't last Heard from Mike
1943 FRI I had John + Leonard over for dinner. The folks were out and Eleanor made Italian spaghetti. It was successful, in spite of my tremors. We went over to D.J's later in the evening. Heard 6 flats, unfurnished. Why Don't You do Riiight!


1939 12:00 Sat Painted from 10:30 till 4:30 this day - the floor + windows are done, the wind howled all day long. It is cold + bitter. Tonight I didn't get any ambition till about 9:00 Washed my hair + clothes + heard Toscanini direct "Bolero"
1940 Jan 22 Monday 12:00 - I swore I'd get that V. quizz finished + didn't... If I'd only get things done! - Maybe I'd be a bit more happy - Everything I do enjoy a little bit is gnawed by the knowledge I "should" be doing something else -
1941 Jan 21 Well whadya know I was the gal who was going to bed at 7:30 tonight. It is now 2:00 Freddie took me to Antler's Club Dance - Bang! Now I can't figure out if he will call again or not - after what happened. And just what I should do -
1942 THURS Gee it's been a long time, baby. Makes it even better, though when we wait for it... We went to Me + My Gal. It's a nice + warm feeling to feel sure of you... I'm glad we were together because that horrible letter from Emil -