1939 (8th) Thurs Went on a breakfast with Dot + Marg, Nessa, Marg A., Harriet H. - + then to work till 6 o’clock – Mr. Eide didn’t show up – called tonight. He put stars on the ceiling – thank goodness – Ray came over after work about 10:00 I was glad

1940 11:15 – Clara let herself in for a lot of trouble – again. She renewed an argument with Bill… He told her off completely and blames her for breaking up our “beautiful friendship”… Evidently he doesn’t credit me with having a mind of my own… If something doesn’t break pretty soon

1941 12:00 Still on rehabilitation project! – What a mess – D.J. + Dot came over w/ Jennifer + we got popcorn + cokes – talked to D.J. – she is a sweet kid – I bored (?) her with my gorey experiences –

1942 11:30 (Gee, you were tired tonight, honey) Better, we should have stayed home! Brown, hard – I hope you wiped off that lipstick!

1943 THURS We went to the Fashion Group luncheon at the Marraybell… I felt mean because I broke my date with Herman (he had postponed ours from yesterday) Wished, sort of, I hadn’t gone. – Dinner with Dorothy.