1939 (16th) 10:45 Went down to knit at Fantles all day. – Jean V. + I always find so much to talk about! Peggy + Marguerite + I went for a ride in Peggy’s “new” car. – A 1930 Plymouth – I feel much better –

1940 11:30 told Bill I had to work tonight – it wasn’t even hard to turn down a date with him – there is a bright full moon tonight… Bob + I went out to school – neither one of us did a thing… I sat out on the lawn and hoped – futilely that Leonard would come – He didn’t –

1941 Wed – I really wish I weren’t going tomorrow; but I can’t back out now – I’m not ready

1942 Thurs Mr. Eide’s tempera is exquisite. Was over there a while (Spitznagel too) Went over to D.J.’s – Neither of us referred to the other night.

1943 FRI We ate at an Italian Sidewalk cafĂ© on 52nd St which was fun. And thence to “Janie" which was rather amusing. The seats in Central Park are so sweet… We had our usual battle. I made Herman disgusted. Poo. I don’t care.