1939 (9th) Friday Felt awful this morning. – Later Mother + I went down-town… new dress – very “grown-up” – Met Eleanor+ Rosalind at bank… lunch down town… shopped… erased pencil lines from Mr.E’s stars + put my name on the wall, which Mr. S. supervised  - Ray + I saw “Dark Victory”

1940 11:30 I think maybe I better talk to Emil tomorrow – otherwise I’ll soon be ripe for a psychopathic ward I was just about back to normal today and then tonight I had to tell Nessa the whole thing + I’m again a mental mess! - … Early this morning I had the most perfect dream. Everything was perfect!

1941 Well, my room is all clean + so are most of my clothes. I have about a week, now, to get ready – How can I do it?) Mother + I went up + saw Bob + Mrs. Feeney

1942 Thurs D.J. + John came over to talk about picnic. So did Peggy… Decided Nothing. John + I lay out on the grass this aft. and took turns saying Hell.

1943 FRI Gee, Sometimes I can hardly hear Herman.. I feel a million miles away. I resent him, really – feel terribly hypocritical…Sometime, I’m going to get angry with him + show it. We went to dinner – saw Action in N.W.