MAY 31

1939 Wednesday 12:00 Worked all day again - Got along swell - Its going to be fun. - Came home + cleaned up - went to creative wr. for the last time + read my one-act play - Went down with Eide + transferred some cart.
1940 1:10 Well, let's hope the Eddas are on that Minneapolis truck tonight + that they'll get here tomorrow morning. I really don't know if I could take it if they didn't come tomorrow!... I am quite surprised I actually wrote my Bible term paper today!
1941 11:30 I'm really a mess... thought everything was figured out + settled - found myself thinking of Leonard + re-hashing everything that happened... I am so terrible tired + I don't even want to go to Chicago
1942 Sun God, I nauseate myself - I have utterly no resistance! John is slightly wolfy, but I could have put up a better defense! Leonard don't you ever worry about me!
1943 Mon Got up + washed my hair. (Haven't been able to sleep really LATE) Sun bathed... Got a lovely Leonard letter (Note to Postman "I love this girl") Herman brought over Louise... We went to dinner, later. I rather resent the time I had to spend on him.

MAY 30

1939 Tuesday 12:00 To-day was a killer-diller - I am certainly frazzled - Started painting - Awful, at first. - Ray said he had to work (?)
1940 1:30 Thurs (Dec. Day) Well, I didn't get to the dance as I thought I might - but Bob + Leonard + Emil + Donna + I had a picnic - a marvelous picnic. We ate too much + then all lay around the bonfire in a happy stupor. I love all those kids... (I wonder if Jean was right about Leonard. If she was he certainly manages to inhibit himself)
1941 1:30 - Leonard finally broke down tonight; but it seems it always happens too late. He is going to Brookings... Such a chaos of bliss - disillusionment - hurt - then bliss! We really talked for the very first time... about our children - love - us -
1942 Sat - 3 tired kids. Hoped Leonard might meet me, but no. We just wasted this morning. Didn't get over to Walker...
1943 Sun Stayed up on the roof all day, practically, read the Times. And Look Homeward Angel, which Haunts me! - I cut out my black + white check; want to get it done, now! Herman called. (ha! he thought I'd be lonesome!)... Apt is pretty set!