1939 Thursday tomorrow at 10:00 in the fatal hour... I pray that I can do credit to myself... Joe + I got here about 6:00... Pretty hectic traveling, but fun! - Clara + Bernice Ruth + Scott over out - I wanted to stay home + compose myself... Clara feels terrible about not placing... I'm glad I'm not in ex temp or debate... Joe + I heard Wyman he was swell... We ate at an awfully nice place... The kids are certainly all very swell... Ray kissed me good-bye at the depot
1940 Sat 2:00 I swear I can't tell whether Bill means what he says... Regardless of the cause - it was rather a thing to hear a fella say "I love you" - I'm sure he is spoiled, egotistical, selfish - But he certainly has me confused... I can't understand it... Leonard sent me some hose + a rose "because two went down + only our rose" ! - Egad what a mess
1941 It was really perfect out today - Would have been nice to be out - romancing on a balmy night like this - But instead I worked down at school + came home, took a bath + made lists of stuff to do... I'm hungry
1942 Mon Damn, I would like to have had that part in Sky-Lark! - But maybe it's better I didn't... (I'm bitchy enough as it is) We printed etchings furiously all day - Cut Hookman's hair -
1943 TUES 1:00 Jarv has been swell to me. I will miss him. Even if Leonard hadn't happened to me, though, I don't think I could ever marry him, so he mentioned. The dance was fine; wore my white jersey, gardenias + no stockings. And was kissed in a taxi.