1939 11:25 We heard the choir tonight. It was flawless. Mimi broke her ankle after her recital last night. Ray + Phil + Whitie + I went over to the anchor afterward - "Things" are a lot better
1940 12 What a day what a day - Clara + I did Gladys + Mabel for Student Body + over the air. I soived a luncheon for Mother - Saw Bill at the Garage Clara + I worked till 11:30 tonight. " missed a shower.
1941 It was a bootiful day, except it didn't end right. Dennis picked us up after we came out of the Pantry. (in slacks + eating ice cream cones. I could tell he had a date; because he said he would call if he got done w/ some reports. I was stupid. Should have been SWEET. - 
1942 12:45 (now, instead of so boisterous) We wenona picnic - It rained intermittently during the evening. Wrote letters today. Saw Helen Lindseth. We still have nothing in Common -
1943 Mon 1:00 Felt quite extroverted today. Rather a quiet afternoon... Ate with Eleanor Vatcher at the Garden... Peg went to New Jersey so I ate with Mickey at the Gold Rail. Went to nasty Little Foxes - ate an ice cream cone -