MAY 29

1939 Monday Wrote Sh. Test from 8:30 till 12:00. Practiced on Art Room Walls. - Ray + I went out to Neptune + watched high school from till 10:00 - then Mr. Eide + I got some cartoons on the walls - Also went to Picnic + to Philos
1940 Wed. I am sick with disappointment and disgust. The Eddas didn't come and I started to have a marvelous time at the reception till M.T. had to leave + go r. skating! - I did so want to do something afterward too - (Gee, I wish I could go to the dance tomorrow)
1941 12:00 - Well, its over. Seems so odd to just shut the door on one 9 months - a whole phase of my existence - I've never had a comparable amt. of time go so swiftly... Everyone was so sweet -
1942 Fri We went over to the U. - very impressive... Joe Johnson "waltz-houred" up... That was fun. - We came home, ate early + saw the Male Animal - had a glass of beer
1943 Sat I picked up a cute little Ensign down on a park bench on Riverside. (He is so young!) I was eating an apple reading Collier. I accomplished a lot of shopping this morning... Got some red Whippersnappers. I think I'll like

MAY 28

1939 Sunday Read Shakespeare all day. Wilmer + Olga had us over for dinner - Ray didn't even call me...
1940 Tues 1:30 worked this evening on a paper for Mlle. Contest that was due today... It's stupid but I think I'll finish it anyway. Fooled all day... No T. paper
1941 Well, Tom caught up with me... It was ok. I'm glad I listened to him. I guess he does have some respect for me, after all. Corrected papers. Lorraine + Alberta helped me
1942 Thurs Martini's are a little too much for me - at least after a day of shopping - Bought some flat Spectators!... We rilly dressed up for dinner -
1943 Fri We went to a New Orleansy place for dinner - which was good. Then to Dark Eyes. (At which I was only moderately amused!) I lugged around the bunch of lilac every place

MAY 27

1939 Sat - 1:25 Wrote a test this morning, drawings + cleaned house when I got home, this aft. Folks went to Okijobie for the weekend. Ray + I went to a movie "Stage Coach"
1940 Mon. - Still no term paper accomplished I don't know what to write on... Went on a "Stripper's picnic" ate too much confided in Dorothy some more... Marguerite had to talk to me about her l. life.
1941 10 Utley, you nauseate me! Seems like every time I'm tired, my resistance is low! 
1942 Wed Got up here about 4:30 - Didn't get down to dinner until about 8:30 Style show... orchestra... table of ferrying pilots at the next table
1943 Thurs I guess I don't have much of a sense of humor. At least Mickey's brand of wit doesn't amuse me. I didn't like the way she badgered Inge tonight. Gladys + Donna came over. Stayed too long.