1939 Sun 11:15 We had to work from 8 - 12:00 today rush job. I laid out in the sun from 12 - 1:00 - Played tennis this aft. Told Ray not to call this eve + then couldn't accomplish anything
1940 May 5 Sunday I had the day to myself to straighten myself up in general... Folks went to Sioux City - Bill did not call. It is damn lucky I'd made up my mind not to go with him if he did call) - Mother bought some furniture for my room yesterday - dated Jake.
1941 Existed
1942 12:20 (Hope you felt a little frustrated darling. I didn't very much) - D.J. + I went out + looked at the planes - big, olive drab bomber) Assimilated Emil, then R.H. # Wilber + Leonard - batted around - tired
1943 FRI Met Herman for dinner. We went to Toffenetti's for scallops... Then to Mission to Moscow... An excellent film... Then for a climax, a proposal. To which I could not accept and he knew it! - We talked + talked though. For the better, I think.


1939 1:30 Sat. Worked all day. Home. Washed hair - clothes - Tonight I saw "Union Pacific" with Ray. It rained - lovely Spring rain.
1940 Mon - Worked - had my picture taken for J.S. - ushered at Civic Music Concert. - A barytone who sang one Russian Cafe song that nearly tore my heart out.
1941 Existed.
1942 ? If I saw you often enough, maybe I'd get over you - then again maybe I wouldn't! - (Shirley read in Creative Writing tonight... She's a sweet kid, but she idolizes me too much) We went out to Billy's + danced - fun fun.
1943 THURS Had dinner with Lois + Sully at Klahe's... We had highballs first at the apartment... tsk tsk. Lois looks wonderful. She's swell. I took copy over to Mrs. Stote's... she is pale + wan. I adore her apartment. Walked over to Lois' after work... Fun today