MAY 10

1939 Wed 11:15 Walked 2 miles in 15 minutes when I made that Shakespeare C. this morning - Ray came over + we listened to "Lights Out" He held Eleanor's hand!
1940 Fri. Finally got a few pages "started" on my book... Went on a steak fry with Jake tonight. He has been surprisingly good... Bill did not call (Why don't I just quit thinking about him? - He was not out tonight I saw a light in his window - )
1942 11:30 I reiterate Mister Payne, we WASTE time. Damn you - Why didn't ya call tonight? Just went to church w/ Mother + Dad + finished my green suit. Judged Photography Contest. 
1943 MON Herman says Scholastic is offering me the Art Job... I saw him after work today. - He is sweet... I'm really sunburned. Mrs. Stote was in this morning... I wrote to Wilmer + to Leonard today... After sitting on a Central Park bench, came home, wrapped Eleanor's gift... Called Lois C. + Barbara S.


1939 Tues 12:00 Drew pitchurs all morning (cut speech again) Saw Eide + S this aft. - Ray + I went to a moom pitchur tonight
1940 Thurs. I didn't see Leonard any more than just litterly - for a moment... I don't know... Worked today not on Edda - yet... I am very anxious to get on my stuff + get it over with... Bill called tonight - its just as well I was working... I might not have been able to stick by my resolution
1942 1:00 (Gee, gotta get up + wash m'hair) Batted around down town + wore myself out - Bought another dusty-pink sweater. Got my shoes dyed green. And some makeup for me + m'legs + D.J., Shirley, Collins + I tore around - Tres fun. Saw Leonard.
1943 SUN 1:30 A fine, beautiful day. Got up and ironed clothes, read the N.Y. Times, took an extensive sunbath on our roof. Ushered at the tea, wore my grey dress in Herman came at 5:00 We sat by the river. Went to dinner at the Gold Rose. Went a double Feature


1939 10:45 Mon. Why must there be Mondays?Payed another $10 on my tuition still gobs left to pay. Ray called - 
1940 11:30 Wed. - I had lunch with Jean V. - She has let go something I didn't expect to hear - She is such It means a lot. I know now I can quit Bill - he means absolutely nothing to me.
1941 Thurs. another one of the same. All I care about is sleep. Must be an escape complex! Finally heard from Eleanor + got a card from Bob. He + Emil + Leonard maybe will be in Minneapolis - Just my luck
1942 Layout on campus all afternoon with Shirley - got slightly sunburned. D.J. + I mailed a letter (wrote to E) Gee, another week-end coming up -
1943 SAT Why oh why did I eat all that stuff? Ahh. Donna's birthday party at Barnard. I felt a little "older" - and was but enjoyed it... Knocked myself out shopping this afternoon. Gloves, blouse, dress, stationary, gift for Eleanor. Came home + washed all my clothes and my hair too. Ain't I a good girl?