1939 (10th) Saturday 11:20 It’s odd how long I can take to do something when I know I’ve plenty of time – I feel sort of lost without some pressure on me. I’ve been reading “The Prophet” It never fails to help me.

1940 11:30 Marg, Sari, Helen + I went on a picnic… We got on the war – inevitably – I’m so terribly afraid we will be dragged into it… We decided it would be better to be widows than old maids, however! I still don’t see any excuse for war!

1941 11:30 Gee, I hate to think of leaving this contentment. I’m so happy now just being home, getting up when I feel like it – having Bill + Olga for dinner – writing letters… I suppose it would wear off in a few weeks though -

1942 Fri 11:45 I’m a wreck – after another picnic. It was really too cold for one, but we went anyhow. Too many of us – too much food

1943 SAT Feel quite noble… washed out all my clothes and ironed them. pressed everything, too. Had dinner ready for Sully when she came home – Shopped for groceries, fun. Read tonight – Bed, early!