1939 11:50 Well, chum, we haven't written a speech yet... I hope I think of something... I went to Shakespeare + wrote last week's + this week's tests - Julius Caesar and H.V. - worked from one to 5:00 - I got paid today. - $7.20! - Looked all over for some sandals - no go - Ray called up twice - He brought me home from out at school.
1940 Sunday - We worked up at school this aft... Bill came out... Leonard + Emil came over... Bill + I went out to Lake Alvin - rising half moon - portable radio - blanket - hillside... Everything but the Elements added up to Romance! Although he certainly has what it takes.
I ruined Leonard's "hose". Bill promised to buy me another pair.
1941 Well AGAIN we fill in Chicago in retrospect... back in reality again, today. Not-so-terribly harsh reality... (Damn! - Tom Halton called down at the Pantry this noon! - Damn me for saying yes!) Called Mother tonight... Washed hair, clothes + finally! - me -
1942 Tues Bob Gable brought me home. I was supposed to do some painting, but class lasted too long. - Emil is disconcerting - 
1943 Wed a mere line from Leonard - but satisfying... A long letter from Don in New Guinea. Felt awful all most all today Typed up A+S report... Felt Better tonight. Mickey + I went to a foolish movie. Pegs bathing.


1939 11:10 Ran all the way out to school for an 8 o'clock class we didn't have! - Mother cut out my formal - today - I have to give a speech at the banquet! - Egad! - Ray + I went for a ride...
1940 Sat 2:30 - I better concentrate on Leonard or someone else pretty hard... Bill is too darn persuasive. He certainly messes up my little routine of things! (It was Bill's Birthday)
1941 Easter in Chicago again... Boul Mich - only sunny + beautiful, this time. The sermon was wonderful... Church impressive... stain glass - Ginny + Dotty ate dinner with us - (blah) at Jaques' - Dubbonet cocktail - Wow - Home on this forlorn train -
1942 Mon - We're starting oils in techniques class. Gee, wish I knew more about it! Went to fashion show. Backed the "Baby"... D.J. + I went bike riding - ha. Helped w/ Payne Post
1943 Tues Gee, I feel awful. Went over to Brooklyn - A+S. 200 luncheon this noon of B. Paper Editor. Had to leave during the speech. Pressed clothes tonight ate an orange, read some book


1939 12:10 - Felt awful today - Struggled out to class - my head ached from the fine print of Henry Vth, - worked this aft. - Went to creative writing. - bought material (8 1/2 yds) for formal. Ray brought me home - I guess I'm going with him to the banquet
1940 I certainly hope tomorrow is forthcoming with a little pressure! Wow - I must be slipping - Everything seems so hard + so muddled up! -
1941 Sat. We went out to Karl's + Dorothy's tonight. The Baby is darling... Lovely dinner - Ride out on the El - Thank God, I'm not a commuter! - Saw Life with Father this aft... Art Institute this morning... Listened to a cute little frenchman lecture - fun.
1942 11:10 I'll have to wait until morning to find out if Anyone called while Donna + Bill + I were out riding, eating popcorn. D.J. was bothered by Leonard's remark that she should "Date Dick more often" - Darn him for that anyhow... Whipped myself together today
1943 Mon Oh I revolt me, I'm a stinker what I need is a shot of extrovertism! - But fast. It rained depressingly (me w/ m' new shoes!) Peg + I ate in the Auto-mat.