1939 Day of teaching went quite smoothly, for a change. I am crazy about the kids. One night I am home for a ch.
1940 1:30 Well, went to Brookings...Wilmer took me down...Ray's ride didn't materialize...poor Hunk was nearly crushed when State lost their game to the "U"... I must break off with him. He likes me too well; and I don't like that. If he could just keep being "friends"...Ditched dance, came back with Kenny + Marg---gee, good to see...Wilma is here.
1941 Sun gee, I wish I had another one to spend. Dark + Gloomy. Mixed paint & worked on "Male Animal" set this aft...DJ + I + Clara went to a lect.--I heard all about Sid's "past"
1942 Mon Painted this morning---are in this afternoon. 4 Mister Williams wants me to "plagiarize" some letter-heads for him...Enlarged sketches...D.J. came by for a coke. She has a ring from Larry!