1939 11:45 Marguerite's birthday We ate supper aver at Vercoe's - and talked - I certainly know a bunch of grand gals
1940 May 7 Tues - Worked 10 hrs. today. - Bill did not call - he is probably giving me ample time to regret my saying that I was not in love w/ him
1941 Academic tests. One time I was glad I wasn't a student Blanche was irked... ha... so was I... tonight we made nutcups!
1942 11:00 Gee, I hate to have Mother out so late - + working. It's cold + wet. Like to see the sun again. Leonard's going to petition to write that paper. (I'm glad) I've been reading Thomas Mann's Stories of a decade Clarifying + Confusing at once
1943 11:45 La de dah... Maybe we'll be living in an apartment by June. Gladys has a line on one. Gee I hope it works out. Met Herman for lunch. He was overwhelmed by my little ol' note... A little too much so. I meet him Friday... Mickey + I had soup tonight. Ate Good Humors. Blackout -