1939 1:15 Went to the dance tonight – Fun… I was dying to do something – Janice got me the date – My 2nd experience in a bar – a coke for me!

1940 2:00 Tonight I went to the dance with Hunk – Too many people, muddy floor – Hot – But Hunk always has a good time! – My feet hurt + I’m tired – But not deliciously tired like I was about 20 minutes ago.

1941 Tues Ardis came from Chicago to see Eleanor. Poor gal, she can’t have any time to herself. We had a picnic this afternoon + went to Escape

1942 WED “DO YOU LOVE ME?” – Darling, I was glad you asked me, I might not have said it, otherwise. MIGOSH, how we torture ourselves… I doubt that anyone else will ever make love to me – quoting the SONG of SONGS… I’m afraid no-one can make me feel the way he does

1943 THURS