1939 Sat Very disgusting – I planned to spend my money this aft. + the pink sweater had been sold – the corduroy slacks are still $5.95. I fixed over my red sw. into a cardigan tonight. I’m so tired of being a bachelor!

1940 1:00 Marg, Sara + I went to Our Town. – it affected us – It makes you realize the importance of appreciating every moment. Makes me realize I’ll remember days like today – Bob asked Leonard + me over to lunch – They are so swell to me. Maybe I’m going to Minneapolis.

1941 Tues Feel slut-ish – Thank God, for tomorrow. Drew all day again. Mom + E. + I ate lunch at the Milk Bar + we had a steak fry. Virginia + I went on a picnic –

1942 WED. WORKED our FOOL PLACECARDS FOR A MRS. Ray ALL AFTERNOON (Well, I did spend some time with Bob H. + Leonard… bought them ice cream cones! Leonard has no inhibitions about kissing me in the ART DEPARTMENT)

1943 THURS.