1939 (16th) 10:45 Went down to knit at Fantles all day. – Jean V. + I always find so much to talk about! Peggy + Marguerite + I went for a ride in Peggy’s “new” car. – A 1930 Plymouth – I feel much better –

1940 11:30 told Bill I had to work tonight – it wasn’t even hard to turn down a date with him – there is a bright full moon tonight… Bob + I went out to school – neither one of us did a thing… I sat out on the lawn and hoped – futilely that Leonard would come – He didn’t –

1941 Wed – I really wish I weren’t going tomorrow; but I can’t back out now – I’m not ready

1942 Thurs Mr. Eide’s tempera is exquisite. Was over there a while (Spitznagel too) Went over to D.J.’s – Neither of us referred to the other night.

1943 FRI We ate at an Italian Sidewalk café on 52nd St which was fun. And thence to “Janie" which was rather amusing. The seats in Central Park are so sweet… We had our usual battle. I made Herman disgusted. Poo. I don’t care.