1939 All day, we expected a "special" from E. telling us what her job was- but no letter --- (we got a telegram yesterday) - Sary + I saw Bette Davis in "The Old Maid"- (God, I hope I'm not going to be one!) 
Is it possible-another Sunday gone?
1940 11:00 At least ---a start. If only I'd do this every night I wouldn't be in such a mess! --- I think I am a lousy teacher --- I cannot develope the kind of a class attitude I want --- I hope I do not get so bad that I let them walk all over me - Fraid I've got a good start ---Wish some of those men would materialize
1941 Wed We all went to Male Animal - very mediocre -- I'd like to play in Ladies In Retirement
I think I'm the psychopathic type ! ! ! ! !
1942 (yeah, I still think so) ... Gee, I shoulda stayed home tonight! -- but I didn't- Thur. I shouldn't have gone down to Lok's with John + Leonard!- But I did... It was misty. I was un conscious.