1939 (I smell nauseatingly of "Candy Soap") - My classes got a little rugged to-day. - If they show any more of the same stuff tomorrow... I don't believe H.S. seniors should have to be nagged at. I refuse to do it. (We gave Columbus to-night)
1940 Utterly nauseated with myself.
1941 I succeeded in not only up-setting myself, but Leonard, too. I'm certainly sick of platonics---
Damn Damn Damn
1942 Fri Another of the same...mild frustration. Disgusted w/ myself. Weak character no decision, no spunk...Saw " in the movies...not too bad...tried to get the menus designed...Mother + Dad + I went to The Glass Key...Augie beat N.O.--19-0.
1943 Sat. Most of the day in bed for me...nghaa.