1939 Wednesday 11:00 We (E + I) just got back from a piano concert by Muba Levitaeke I like the Chopin. I worked out at school this afternoon + finished 2 plates.
1940 Thursday... I feel marvelous! Moonlight on the snow tonight, I walked out to school to study Education - to sleep with Marie
1941 1:00 Saturday - God, another Saturday wasted - sketched operetta costumes + sets this aft. - notso hot - Saw Blanche + Betty - ate dinner - slept - took b. - washed hair, talked w/ Mrs. Reeves - fixed nails, listened to radio -
1942 Sun Well tentatively, Eleanor's getting married in 2 weeks! Philip better be good to her. Can't quite believe it. God, I hope things break right for her - She deserves it.
1943 10:00 I'm going to do some reading from the book of short stories Leonard brought over... It looks like nothing is going to prevent my going - oh, panic - I guess I can get along okay though. I hope so... Mother had club. Dad + I went to Black Swan.