1939 Sat 1:15 I am very dead and very happy... Worked from 8:00 till 12:00 - Wasted the afternoon hunting for a hat + formal material - got nothing at all! - I washed my hair Ray called in the process. We went to the Cinema - Bob Feeny also called for a date
1940 Mon I was quite bored tonight... Spence took me to C. Ole's, I think I would have had more fun with the gals...
1941 Well, I'm glad that's settled. Any illusions I had about Bill's lunacy as far as I'm concerned are gone. Thank God I sincerely hope I never see him again! - Was down town + out at school all day - Rained!
1942 Wed Leonard read. And well. If the stuff was obscure... I wrote to Mr. Eide Barkley wanted some models (like to do it myself, too - ha) Leonard is sweet
1943 Thurs Quite an exciting day - doing a survey on the Baby Pants Situation... interviewed 4 this morning - After lunch at the "Big Top" at McClery's - went over to Rand Rubber in Brooklyn - hope I got the stuff straight I went to a Town Hall recital... Got my shoes! - Home ok