1939 12:15 - Worked from 8:00 till 5:00 today. Wasn't a bit bad. Bill + Co were over for dinner they just bought a V8 34. - Ray called tonight, but I had already promised to play bridge over to Jamie's - which was just as well... He's going to call tomorrow. - Peggy + Ferry were home from School - Welsh Rarebit + chocolate ices
1940 Sun. Why must everything I do seem to be such a struggle? - Time seems so precious and so non-existent... Bill didn't even call this evening; just as well I suppose
1941 Mother + I stayed home today - fussed around getting clothes cleaned, etc. - It rained steadily all day - Bill called - Mother wouldn't let me go out with him. Going Wed.
1942 12:10 Had Mathis, Farley, R. Nelson over for dinner. (Eminently successful) hope softens Christine's heart, now. R.H.# came over ostensibly for a French Dictionary
1943 11 - Herman liked his copy of the Human Comedy... he walked me back to work + kissed me g'bye! Was out this morning; got my I.Miller shoes. Went in and seduced the Salesman in person!
2 wild letters from Leonard I love