1939 12:05 Tonight I saw John Barrymore - it was a thrill, all right. The stage seems more glamorous than ever - Ray was pretty tired. He averages 5 hrs a day work + with school, too. It is quite demanding. However, he managed to waste this aft. w/ me.
1940 Thurs. Bill is beginning to want a little more reassurance! He protested that he has committed himself so far + that I haven't said anything. I don't intend to. (I made him go to the Civic Theater play - I worked 7 hrs. today)
1941 What was that? (May 1 1941) tsk, what resolution, woman! Well, it did relieve the monotony, and it did do my morale good. (+ he did have to argue me into it 2 hrs.) + the wild western was fun... Washed hair, clothes, took a bath. I'm ready to work T. (dammit!)
1942 1:00 - Hell, again Sat night sans date gets me down, I'm afraid - I don't look forward to tomorrow. Thomas Mann to keep me company. D.J. + I went to a show.
1943 12:30 I think I enjoyed today very much. We went out to Mt. Vernon to see his sister - Margie liked me (I was actually nervous about the child's approval). We took a long walk about the suburb. - Well kempt. A little stuffy maybe. We didn't mention Peggy.