MAY 20

1939 Sat 12:40 - Up at school this aft. the fellows in the dev. dept took some crazy pictures. We had a lot of fun... Tonight Ray + I went to the Ball Game.
1940 Mon. 3:00! - Russ Morgan - really a perfect time... I think I had more fun with Mr. Spitznagel + Mr. Cole than with "Walter", however - I had too much of a build-up for him - He was nice + looked like Walter P. in the movies...
1941 11:15 - Maybe it's my stride I've been hitting these past 2 days... I fervently hope so... Or maybe it's just the pressure bearing down... At any rate, let's up it keeps up
1942 Wed Donna + I went to Joan of Paris. It was so good it hurt... poignant... Leonard came over while I was gone. Saw him this morning... Sweet.
1943 THURS Mickey + I went down + saw "La Boheme" + Storm in a Teacup... (which were barely worth the effort!) But we had fun.