MAY 19

1939 Friday 11:00 - Sara and I went to Marion Evanson's piano recital - The only thing I liked was Ravel - I feel bad
1940 Sun Played tennis all morning with Donna Jean... She beat me 3 or 4 sets; I finally took one... Spence took me to Abe Lincoln's Illinois tonight... He is really swell - but so damn unexciting
1941 11:30 Well I went to the LAST faculty meeting today... I can't say I'm broken up up about it... Maynard brought a snake with him. Long and awful. So I kicked him out. - Hm! 4 days of teaching!
1942 Tues Gee, me sitting on the stage - ha... Wore my green dress, too. I looked a little dignified I hope. I loathe its all being over - 
1943 WED I guess Herman and I had lunch together this noon! We usually do. Churchill spoke. Was out in the Market. Mr. W quite overwhelmed me!