1939 (14th) 10:45 – If there are many more gloomy, cold, rainy days – Haggled around on details of store-window – I’m sick

1940 Sunday… It’s all crazy and clear out of proportion… all I think about is Leonard.. its gotten to the stage where I can’t even work anymore… Della + I talked this afternoon about men etc… I was upholding – sort of – she insisting they were all ratty… I was inclined to agree with her when Rosie informed us Leonard had been walking with Blossom.

1941 Well kid, we didn’t get to hear Russ Morgan – except over the radio – Pressed clothes, decided I would not go to Plymouth; called up Jean Park, met her for a coke, talked, decided I should go - ? ! ! – Chils, Nessa, Marie + Margeurite were over –

1942 1:00 Felt awful most of the day – not physically, either… Bob + D.J. + John + I went to the Carnival – Bob’s going to work at Morrell. Too late

1943 WED Got 4 seams sewn over at Barbara’s. But we had fun anyhow… Ate until we were stuffed She is going to be married in August.