1939 (13th) 12:00 Went to a shower for Jeanne Perry tonight. – I wanted to ask Betty about her version of my “engagement” – Saw Dick Potter down-town. –

1940 – I was so tired last night that I didn’t go to sleep until early this morning. – I’ve been in a painful state of coma all day. Realizing that I should get to work – yet doing absolutely nothing about it. – Leonard + the List of “Prix” winners helped!

1941 Sun – " called + “talked” for a while this aft. – sounded swell – going to write (he better!) Gee, I wish he would come down w/ Cole + we could go to R. Morgan tomorrow! Saw Peg + Marguerite, Nessa + Mayone – (who is pregnant – too long – no click –

1942 Darling, I’m confused… I work so hard at pretending to be “myself” when I’m with you. Why do we have to act at all – You’re growing up

1943 TUES Oh God! Moving in a blackout… (lasted for an hour + a half!) – I finally gave up + took a bath… Very depressing. We have an acute closet situation.