1939 and so its over – The Coronation – Everything went perfect – Wagner and walking down the aisle with Margaret and our gowns + the stage – all perfect. – Bob + I had so much fun to-gether at the Virginia afterwards with Beer

1940 11:40 (It’s too bad, but I’m just too tired to correct the rest of these papers!) – Gee, what a week-end… Margaret + Kenny are married. This is once she had to do something with out me – seems incredible they are married. It was perfectly beautiful – Everything – I loathed coming back here… But I guess I can hold out awhile – Gee, but I’m swamped.

1941 Mon – Hell… Why does he have to be so Goddamn impersonal if he feels the way he did last night?

1942 TUES

1943 WED