MAY 29

1939 Monday Wrote Sh. Test from 8:30 till 12:00. Practiced on Art Room Walls. - Ray + I went out to Neptune + watched high school from till 10:00 - then Mr. Eide + I got some cartoons on the walls - Also went to Picnic + to Philos
1940 Wed. I am sick with disappointment and disgust. The Eddas didn't come and I started to have a marvelous time at the reception till M.T. had to leave + go r. skating! - I did so want to do something afterward too - (Gee, I wish I could go to the dance tomorrow)
1941 12:00 - Well, its over. Seems so odd to just shut the door on one 9 months - a whole phase of my existence - I've never had a comparable amt. of time go so swiftly... Everyone was so sweet -
1942 Fri We went over to the U. - very impressive... Joe Johnson "waltz-houred" up... That was fun. - We came home, ate early + saw the Male Animal - had a glass of beer
1943 Sat I picked up a cute little Ensign down on a park bench on Riverside. (He is so young!) I was eating an apple reading Collier. I accomplished a lot of shopping this morning... Got some red Whippersnappers. I think I'll like