MAY 31

1939 Wednesday 12:00 Worked all day again - Got along swell - Its going to be fun. - Came home + cleaned up - went to creative wr. for the last time + read my one-act play - Went down with Eide + transferred some cart.
1940 1:10 Well, let's hope the Eddas are on that Minneapolis truck tonight + that they'll get here tomorrow morning. I really don't know if I could take it if they didn't come tomorrow!... I am quite surprised I actually wrote my Bible term paper today!
1941 11:30 I'm really a mess... thought everything was figured out + settled - found myself thinking of Leonard + re-hashing everything that happened... I am so terrible tired + I don't even want to go to Chicago
1942 Sun God, I nauseate myself - I have utterly no resistance! John is slightly wolfy, but I could have put up a better defense! Leonard don't you ever worry about me!
1943 Mon Got up + washed my hair. (Haven't been able to sleep really LATE) Sun bathed... Got a lovely Leonard letter (Note to Postman "I love this girl") Herman brought over Louise... We went to dinner, later. I rather resent the time I had to spend on him.