1939 I gave it to my 1st period class- they were quite floored. - it was so effective I was just looking for the opportunity to use it on my aft. classes. - But they must have had a hunch they were so quiet. 
3 days + I'm through.
1940 SHUCKS, honey, we might just as well go to bed... (I'll never get those damn papers corrected anyhow.) ----- A very uneventful day - very ordinary - Gee, only 4 weeks until Thanksgiving. Then only 3 wks until Christmas + oh joy 2 weeks of vacation ! ! ! ! !
1941 Gee, you're a dope -- Hell, I don't ever have adult control over my own mind -- Is the whole year going to be an epoch of frustration?
1942 Saturday Night 12:00 -- And me withoutta date - hell. Wonder if Bob's stopping in this morning irritated Leonard. I hope so, now! Blegen cracked my back -- my! --- Designed menus, did little fella in the lobby.-