1939 11:30 I'm alright except for a sore throat- Got a letter fr. E. - everything seems so exciting there - I hope she really likes it.
1940 12:30 I wish I hadn't gone with Harold tonight. Gee, I was so tired. We went up to Sioux City to a show... He was even more bushed than I - Had been to Pensen night before up + 6, broke concrete slabs all day... He talked a lot, but no action. I am afraid I was in no mood to "resist."
1941 I did ask Leonard if he thought we weren't wasting an awful lot of time! He wants to talk about it. Hope he doesn't wait too long. Spitz was out heckling. Met Earl for lunch - Margaret this aft. DJ was over tonight - 
1942 1:30 Virginia had me fixed up with the army - wasn't bad attal... I don't believe I impressed him particularly, however. I worked this afternoon... Put on 2 fencers... American forces are moving in via Mediterranean to Africa