1939 11:45 Well even if I haven't accomplished so much today - at least I'm clean - Today Leonard brought in a layout for the whole book. 
1940 2:00 Life is exciting again... Bill called - wanted me to meet him in S. City tomorrow night... My God, he never gives up... I think he really believed I might be desperate enough to do it. Funny, I didn't even feel insulted... Dated Freddie tonight "Mark of Zorro" - fun. fun. quite. He is really a very smooth Joe --
1941 12- No reactions - as yet. Hope he won't take too long. Innocuous day - knitted did a few lousy sketches - Anticipated tomorrow. Went to a movie w/ Eastson.
1942 1:25 Well, Foo... Be glad to finish up the grill - Put on my horse today... He looks fine... Mother + Eleanor + Philip + I played bridge tonight. Earlier, I heard Orson Welles reading "Ballad of Battan." Made me feel unnecessary.