1939 Spent most of my day in the Edda office correcting tests - no fun. People kept rushing in and out - I'm lying here surrounded by blankets, hot w bottle, aspirin, Spence's ointment hoping to heat the flu. Georgia told me an unbelievable rumor about Wilma - I don't believe it + I wish G would keep quiet. 
1940 3:15 Well, I'm a much worse teacher than I was last year at this time. I may be wiser, but you'd never know it. Went to Don Cossack's. -- Disillusioned at dinner - Why did those damn women have to spoil things? - I guess Bob is really rotten -- Damn. 
1941 11:30 Egg Tempera -- Lunch w/ Wilbur + Emil. Music class -- painted a little - Got Chilson made up for a costume party. Knitted - All the time Leonard, Leonard, Leonard.
1942 12:30 (about) (Yeah, nuts to you) - Allies moved in on French possessions in Africa...the 2nd front... I didn't do so well today... too much Rawshia...inked a deal for Don put on 2 figgurs. OH FOO... I HATE ME.