1939 Sunday 10:42 (I wish Ray would come every wkend - Maybe I'd stand a chance w/ Rolf)
- I went noble + washed the dishes while the folks (+ Bill's + Jean's) went to a movie this aft. V + I went for a walk + nearly froze our legs it was so cold We stopped in for a cup of hot chocolate + Rolf talked w/ us
1940 Monday - I am utterly out - (Leonard + Bill) pasted pictures - took society shots - I had no idea when it came to really taking them - T. Dorsey and we didn't go - Couldn't have stood up.
1941 Day Desultory... At least I definitely was not crushed. Glenn Miller is playing S of Volga Boatmen. Tres swell. Had a simply crushing letter from Bob... Law... and not just a passing jag. I am now going to try + write him something encouraging. God knows what. Also Del + Jo - need replying to!
1942 Tres fatigue. Gave Design test - all day. So tired I could hardly finish dinner! Emil + Wilber + John were almost hi after their Zao test -
1943 FRI finished 4 posters... quite good. Leonard wandered in + affectionately pinched my knee once - fresh. I told him he'd better study his history when he wondered what there was to do this wk-end (DAMMIT). Cut out yellow p.j.s