1939 (- I got my 2.50 check + sent it in for a yrs subscription to Mlle.)
Monday 9:45 and I'm just halfway through studying for my French semester ex (at 8:30 tomorrow) I'm nominated to edit the "Edda" next year. - It's too much responsibility!
1940 (You said a mouthful) - I couldn't sleep on accounta that darn thing, again - But I refuse to get neurotic about it - yet! - We had a game - push over - Donna came over + stayed.
1941 10- Hello, Dope!
Don't know why you have any cause to feel so good - Didn't do a damn thing again today (Well, I wrote 2 letters + corrected spelling papers) And wouldn't you know! Freddie would call just as soon as I got out of the house I did wanta go to the movie pictures
1942 Jan 18 Sun - Darling, you get A+ on "technique" - Gee, I'm glad you called. Mother conveniently retired when we came back from the show - Dark, still perfect. I think my taking things more LIGHTLY relieved Leonard a great deal.
1943 SAT I cleaned up the house (Eleanor furrowed into her room all day - tsk, on Philip's day off) I washed m'hair, pinned it up. Bill was over for dinner. He's had his pre-induction exam at Omaha. - Scrubbed, put on my pink ni. gown. read