1939 11:10 Ran all the way out to school for an 8 o'clock class we didn't have! - Mother cut out my formal - today - I have to give a speech at the banquet! - Egad! - Ray + I went for a ride...
1940 Sat 2:30 - I better concentrate on Leonard or someone else pretty hard... Bill is too darn persuasive. He certainly messes up my little routine of things! (It was Bill's Birthday)
1941 Easter in Chicago again... Boul Mich - only sunny + beautiful, this time. The sermon was wonderful... Church impressive... stain glass - Ginny + Dotty ate dinner with us - (blah) at Jaques' - Dubbonet cocktail - Wow - Home on this forlorn train -
1942 Mon - We're starting oils in techniques class. Gee, wish I knew more about it! Went to fashion show. Backed the "Baby"... D.J. + I went bike riding - ha. Helped w/ Payne Post
1943 Tues Gee, I feel awful. Went over to Brooklyn - A+S. 200 luncheon this noon of B. Paper Editor. Had to leave during the speech. Pressed clothes tonight ate an orange, read some book