1939 11:50 Well, chum, we haven't written a speech yet... I hope I think of something... I went to Shakespeare + wrote last week's + this week's tests - Julius Caesar and H.V. - worked from one to 5:00 - I got paid today. - $7.20! - Looked all over for some sandals - no go - Ray called up twice - He brought me home from out at school.
1940 Sunday - We worked up at school this aft... Bill came out... Leonard + Emil came over... Bill + I went out to Lake Alvin - rising half moon - portable radio - blanket - hillside... Everything but the Elements added up to Romance! Although he certainly has what it takes.
I ruined Leonard's "hose". Bill promised to buy me another pair.
1941 Well AGAIN we fill in Chicago in retrospect... back in reality again, today. Not-so-terribly harsh reality... (Damn! - Tom Halton called down at the Pantry this noon! - Damn me for saying yes!) Called Mother tonight... Washed hair, clothes + finally! - me -
1942 Tues Bob Gable brought me home. I was supposed to do some painting, but class lasted too long. - Emil is disconcerting - 
1943 Wed a mere line from Leonard - but satisfying... A long letter from Don in New Guinea. Felt awful all most all today Typed up A+S report... Felt Better tonight. Mickey + I went to a foolish movie. Pegs bathing.