1939 12:10 - Felt awful today - Struggled out to class - my head ached from the fine print of Henry Vth, - worked this aft. - Went to creative writing. - bought material (8 1/2 yds) for formal. Ray brought me home - I guess I'm going with him to the banquet
1940 I certainly hope tomorrow is forthcoming with a little pressure! Wow - I must be slipping - Everything seems so hard + so muddled up! -
1941 Sat. We went out to Karl's + Dorothy's tonight. The Baby is darling... Lovely dinner - Ride out on the El - Thank God, I'm not a commuter! - Saw Life with Father this aft... Art Institute this morning... Listened to a cute little frenchman lecture - fun.
1942 11:10 I'll have to wait until morning to find out if Anyone called while Donna + Bill + I were out riding, eating popcorn. D.J. was bothered by Leonard's remark that she should "Date Dick more often" - Darn him for that anyhow... Whipped myself together today
1943 Mon Oh I revolt me, I'm a stinker what I need is a shot of extrovertism! - But fast. It rained depressingly (me w/ m' new shoes!) Peg + I ate in the Auto-mat.