1939 11:30 - I'd better write in here before I drop off - I feel swell right now; but I have spent the day over 6 posters for "Death takes a Holiday" - Ray was working on his term paper for history all day - so I didn't see him at all. - Tomorrow I have to be down at Beache's at 8:00! - 2 classes + work in the afternoon - I'll be thankful for vacation
1940 Thurs. - Jake + Howard took me to a movie... I feel so much better - Mr. Spitznagel introduced me to Mrs. Rubens + Mr. Cole in Bar Omar today. I'd forgotten I hadn't had lunch
1941 Friday - happy day - home at last! Dad was waiting for me - We breezed home in time for dinner. Sara + Marguerite - then Bob + Leonard came over.
1942 2:20 Just about the most perfect time we've had together... We went to the dance. Came home read some of Beautiful People. Perfect Day, too. D.J. gave me a driving lesson. Hope Leonard (+ I) live through next week.
1943 11:30 (Darling, I hope you're thinking of me; I wish this "interim" would pass + we would be together again) Today I did little. And did not care; particularly. Read Saroyan's Human Comedy - could not laugh at it. I loved it. It's raining. I'm clean. Called on Kay Dobs