1939 11:10 - I worked from 8 to 10:00 - and from 1:30 to 5:30 - seemed awfully long - I've caught on to the work pretty well, though + it won't be bad. - Tomorrow is Ray's birthday - I wish there were something I could do. We went for a ride after he got out of work - and read funny papers at the "Anchor" Mrs. Fleeny + Bob were over for dinner.
1940 And Tomorrow + Tomorrow ! - Will that copy ever get done? - Clara found out Bill was in the hospital for 3 days this wk. No wonder I had the flu - Bob, Clara + I went swimming
1941 Went to the dance with Hunk. -- Enjoyed myself, though. (The big hulk) Was out at school most of day. Mr. Eide has a $1200 fellowship to Yale for next yr!
1942 11:15 Hope that was you who called... (Think it was) while D.J. + I were out riding. Got up + went to 8 o'clock church... We had Bill + Olga for breakfast... Went to Fleets in - I read more Saroyan - good!... Folks had company for supper...
1943 Mon Heard from Leonard who's okay + Eleanor who's been ill... Went to a couple mfg's show rooms with Mrs. Stote... Wish I were as clever as that gel.