1939 10:50 - It was Ray's birthday today - I got up about 8:00 - cleaned house + washed clothes. 2:15 - Ray, Mick + I went out shooting. - " must be doing his celebrating by himself! But that's his affair.
1940 Sat 3:00 Well, worked all day made a small dent in that copy... Took Bob out tonight 6 of us + Jennifer went to movie + had a midnight picnic Leonard is more attractive than I'll admit.
1941 Sun. Damn you, Payne... For more than a year I've been waiting for you to call me up on your own - + then after choir concert, you have to bring Bob in on it! - I always want what I can't have
1942 (It was... I spose I should have said where I was, I didn't) - Floated around all day - still HAPPY. - we went out to the airport + met Emil on 8:30 plane fun. He upsets me, though - 
1943 Tues Mickey + I went to Streets of London tonight... I wasn't so tired today, but I shook before dinner tonight. I guess we ought to sleep more. Wrote incoherently to Leonard.