MAY 11

1939 10:30 snokkered into my 8:00 at 8:15 this morning! Hugo still wants another oration out of me for next year (Kentucky?) But I didn't go to the meeting tonight - stayed home to iron curtains and now - Cymbaline (Ray called)
1940 3:00 Blah... I had a pretty mediocre evening - J.S. - Spence isn't a very thrilling date - even if he is S. class president... Clara hit about right when she said he had about as much S.A. as a cold potato. maybe it was because I felt awful and also because I was thinking about Bill... He called - I was very mean -
1941 12:00 - Well, kid, we're back to the innocuous mediocrity of it all again. - Finally got started on final test... Blah... We all had dinner down town - very nice (gee, I'm hungry, now) - Mother looked so pretty. Hope Wilmer can go to Chicago once more. 
1942 3:00 Darling, this was marvelous... Golly, I actually got to go to the dance, after all! Just being with Leonard reassures me terrifically! Maybe he's losing some of that undue respect for me. I hope so.
1943 TUES Was over to Lois's during the blackout. Smoked cigarettes, talked, drank milk, ate cake in the inter-rim. She's a honey. Wore my slacks over; ate dinner with Mickey. It was a wet, grey day. Why doesn't it SHINE?