MAY 12

1939 10:00 Worked this aft. Bought a new dress - plain cyclone flannel. (and no more money) We went to the school party - fun + stuff
1940 Sunday 11:00 Felt rotten most of the time today. - ...Eleanor called this morning Mother + I went to a tea out at school this aft... Clara and I started our play (ha)... talked about Bill - now I know he's not what I want All I feel is a vague sort of gaiety!
1941 11:30 Worked down at school after dinner cutting out life-savers! - The boys evidently appreciated my new girdle today. - Harley thought I looked "amazingly slender" - Bob thought I was "in very good form". tsk tsk. Such respect. - (And I love it, secretly)
1942 11:30 Floated most of the morning. About 3:30, began to FEEL it... Went to Maltese Falcon w/ J.J.... (Leonard, you'll still have to tell me the ending) Gee, it's RAINING again (I'll never get to wear my gr. dress.
1943 WED Finished writing what I hope was adequately reassuring letter to Leonard in answer to his beautiful, 4 page, but quite upset letter (on accounta what I'd said about Herman (?))... A coincidence - strangely - he had written it when Herman was proposing to me! - more than coincidence I think! Herman came over. We walked along the river.