MAY 13

1939 1:35 No more on Fridays I get a pay envelope - I quit - Georgia offered a good opportunity + I took it! I watched Ray play tennis this aft - He is getting too good for me - We went to the show tonight
1940 11:00 Wrote a lousy excuse of a letter to Eleanor - tomorrow is her birthday. - Worked all day + tonight. I'm anxious to get the damn thing done... I keep rationalizing one way and then the other about Bill - I wish someone else "interesting" would rush me like he did - almost.
1941 Oh God - Why can't the day have a few more hours in it... I suppose I'll have to say up half the night tomorrow getting those reports in! - I might as well go to bed now so it won't kill me
1942 12:00 Damn! - my class is over - why must it END? - Had a nice day - painted this aft. read H of Art - Worked on outline tonight. D.J. + I celebrated her raise + promotion!
1943 11:45 Felt quite extroverted today. Did well this morning. Got sketches everyplace just about... (Ha, Dorothy!)... Wore my black shirt felt like a fasciste. - Wasn't tired tonight Armand called me this aft. And came over tonight. He is an infant! But sweet and like Philip