MAY 14

1939 10:50 All day I've been practically dying to crawl into bed. Here I am + am not drowsy a-tall - Eleanor's birthday + Mother's Day - We took Annie out to the park fried chicken - ice cream + angel food cake - + Bill + Ray + I went for a ride from 3:30 - 5:00 - tonight I was over at Helen's the 10 of us have fun - We discussed everything from who's to be married to white slavery!
1940 11:00 Tuesday, Another slow day - ...I haven't got my date for the society banquet - I suddenly realized! - hmm. - fine thing! - It's cold, the wind is blowing, I should sleep so I can get up + go to work tomorrow...
1941 5:20? Anyhow broad daylight. I don't think I can be quite flippant about this - For the first time in my life, my "virtue" was really endangered... I prayed to God and He gave the strength + the courage. 
1942 1:45  my God, what an Evening. Mrs. Lindseth had some wimmin over for Helen... It wasn't so bad after we escaped to the kitchen (Gee, I sound like a dirty snob!) Made outline out today. Leonard went to Rochester.
1943 FRI Oh Herman you make me MAD, sometimes. (I really appreciate LEONARD, believe me) We had steak - thick + good for dinner; saw Ethel Barrymore in the Corn is Green (It was!... I bought a little white Calot. Mrs. Stote had me get her one, too! - Got a slew of sketches.