MAY 15

1939 MONDAY 10:35 Thank God, there's always tomorrow. I swear that I am going to get to work + stay that way till I have all the junk that is hanging over my head cleaned up. - today I wasted completely. I am so disgusted with myself - Ray should have written his term-paper tonight
1940 Wed. 10:00 - Blah - I can really work up a good case of self-sympathy without half trying... I'm working instead of going on "Skip Day" tomorrow... No Soc. Banquet date... Bill hasn't called (Why should he?)...
1941 10:30 Maybe last night was what I needed to awaken me to a few things I know, at any rate, I should certainly be more careful from now on... After 2 hrs sleep + the strain I'd been through, I was just about neurotic all day -
1942 11:45 (a 7:30 exam tomorrow!) Gee, I wish that the receptionists job with Mr. Spitznagel would pan out. It's too good to think about tho. Made out my test tonight. John de P is probably mad at me for not going to Fantasia w/ him.
1943 SAT 11:55 Mr. Barkley called this aft. took me to lunch and we had a lovely time (Sherry + chicken) Played "Paper Dolls" this morning. Came home, bathed + collapsed. Washed my hair, went over to see Donna at Barnard for a while. Came home, read.