MAY 17

1939 Wed 10:50 Well, I ground out the rest of my play + then I didn't have to read it! - My back hurts I don't know what's the matter
1940 Fri. - Went out to school... spent the day getting "adjusted" - to what, I don't know. There seems to be no place to begin... Went rollerskating with Jake tonight... Sometimes I almost like him... Yesterday I got my appointment to Plymouth --- ! 
1941 10:00 If I were home, I'd probably be out with Leonard! - What is going to happen there - anything? Tired got nothing done today. Bet I'll have to give up Plymouth!
1942 Sun Gee, Baccalaureate this morning. Granskow was marvelous. Leonard - sparks. Date. - We were both tres fatigue. But still too much alive
1943 MON 12:10 Not bad for a Monday! - I got most of my sketches... wore my red dress + no coat; was quite extroverted... Mrs. Stote says after working on a trade mag I won't have trouble getting a mag job. Hope she's right.... Rode down in Subway with Boo Fleet. Put $50 in the safe tonight.