MAY 18

1939 Thurs. 10:35 All this sleep is just too much for me. I am getting a habit. It's beautiful out doors tonight. You can see the lilacs + the dark garden 
1940 Sat. I was really hurt to think that I didn't rate well enough with the Webs to get asked to the society banquet... But I guess I can take it - there's nothing else to do! - helped D.J. pick out a coat - wrote with Clara tonight... Mr. Spitznagel called for a "date" Mon.
1941 12 - Sunday - For a change, I took Reeves' to dinner. - It was hot + windy - Didn't go to church worked on exam went over to school - Blanche, Dorothy + D rumbah-ed + conga-ed - I thought about Leonard. Wrote to Jo. Tom called
1942 Gee, what a wild picnic. Haven't had my hair pulled, my ears bitten so violently for a long time. WWW surprised me. Went to Alumnae Banquet w/ Clara
1943 TUES 11:30 Hell, both Donna + Mickey are deserting me. Donna's going home (as I thought)... Would Lois + Sully consider going in w/ me? today was fairly productive... H. School Boys badgered me; lifted my ego this morning. Luncheon this noon. Started Look Homeward Angel