1939 10:45 Mon. Why must there be Mondays?Payed another $10 on my tuition still gobs left to pay. Ray called - 
1940 11:30 Wed. - I had lunch with Jean V. - She has let go something I didn't expect to hear - She is such It means a lot. I know now I can quit Bill - he means absolutely nothing to me.
1941 Thurs. another one of the same. All I care about is sleep. Must be an escape complex! Finally heard from Eleanor + got a card from Bob. He + Emil + Leonard maybe will be in Minneapolis - Just my luck
1942 Layout on campus all afternoon with Shirley - got slightly sunburned. D.J. + I mailed a letter (wrote to E) Gee, another week-end coming up -
1943 SAT Why oh why did I eat all that stuff? Ahh. Donna's birthday party at Barnard. I felt a little "older" - and was but enjoyed it... Knocked myself out shopping this afternoon. Gloves, blouse, dress, stationary, gift for Eleanor. Came home + washed all my clothes and my hair too. Ain't I a good girl?